We're making a collaborative, 3D, interactive Periodic Table of the Elements. Each element needs a person to represent/symbolize/explain it; we hope you'll want to join us!

Each element will have a small box (description here), and a person to put something in the box - photos, poems, samples of the element itself or its ore, discovery or history information, the meaning of the name, its meaning in your life - whatever you feel offers the most interesting presentation of your element.

The boxes have lids, and will be attached with magnets to a vertical backing in the familiar layout of the Periodic Table. The top of the box, facing the viewer, will have a label with the symbol, name and atomic number of the element.

If a viewer is curious about tellurium, for instance, they can pull that box off, open the lid, and look inside to see how someone has chosen to present it.

Please check out the available elements, choose one, and let me know what it is so I wont give it to anyone else. There is lots of element info on our Resources page.

Questions? Email me.

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Available elements
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Resources: Info about the elements - scientific, historical, poetic, etc.
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