Why are you doing this?

I was thinking about patterns, and my mind came to the shape of the Periodic Table of the Elements, instantly recognizable to most of us.

I can't explain the leap from a flat graphic representation to the idea of boxes.

Each element will be represented by a different person, which means 118 different ideas about how best to represent an element, constrained by the familiar pattern of the table.

This is a group project. Each participant can make their part as simple or elaborate as they choose. I think the end result will be fascinating!

Can I choose any element I want?

You can choose any of the elements that are not already taken. Click here for a list.

Don't be discouraged if the one you're looking for is not on the list!

Some of the less well known elements are the ones with the most fascinating properties and history. Check our Resources page to find out more about them.

How do I get a box?

I have the boxes, and for the time being I'm holding on to them, until I can figure out how to distribute them in such a way that I'll be sure to get them all back.

If you're finished with your element, let me know; I can take it off your hands at any time.

In the meantime, you can see what the boxes look like and get dimensions at our Box description page.

What will the finished Periodic Table look like?

Click here for some pictures. On top is the Periodic Table up on the wall - we finally got it up there in time for the grand unveiling on June 3, 2017. Scroll down to see a close-up of some of the boxes. It's not finished, though; not all the boxes have contents yet. Still room for you! Further down is the Table just after finishing the backing - no boxes yet.

Where will the Periodic Table be displayed?

My original plan was to put it up on my living room wall. It has since migrated to the wall of my home office.

However, so many people have asked me this that I'm starting to think about other possibilities. The boxes will be removable (they're held on with magnets), and if I manage to come up with a folding back panel it will be quite portable. So who knows where it may end up!

When will it be finished?

I don't know. I'm thinking a couple of months, at least. At this point, the slowest part seems to be getting enough people to commit to representing an element - so tell your friends!

More questions? Suggestions?

Email the ringmaster!